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Nice work! I really like the movement mechanic, it's a simple concept but it makes the gameplay feel really unique. Played all the way through.

This is Awesome! It feels so good.

how do i go in the door once i have the key?

press UP (w)


a ma zing ! a shame there is no windows build to put on my selected games USB stick....

The music is amazing, the controls are great too, but there should either be a score counter or different types of enemys throughout all of the levels

where can i find passwords for Monkey Wrap


Cool game! However I really wish it had custom controls, I much prefer Celeste-like controls (arrow keys for movement and aiming, C (X) for jumping and X (Z) for throwing.


Doesn't work with Dvorak keymap.

the music is boss.  period.  Not to have the crazy suggestions but, monkey should be able to warp while mid-air.

The controlls are a little tricky to take in the hand (Space not used for jump)
But the concept & game are sooo coool !!! Thank you :)

JUST AWESOME!!! LOVED IT!! AM A DEV AND I WANNA Learn the mechanics you guys used..

The source is open and can be found here:

update 30/10/2016:

As per request, added a password system !
Set the game in pause to see the current level password.

such a funny game

update 23/10/2016:
Added a speedrun mode to the game.

What resolution are you using? How do you get the game boy screen pixel effect without surpassing 160x144 px?

The screen canvas is scaled by 4.
To replicate the dot matrix effect of the Gameboy screen, I just added a semi-transparent grid overlay on top.