When Kiwii and her sidekick crash land on a desert planet, she'll have to brave swarms of robot creatures armed with only a vacuum cleaner! But wait, it's not just any vacuum: she can use it to suck up enemy projectiles and fire them right back! Did we mention she also has a jetpack?

Kiwii: A New Adventure is a bullet hell/shmup with some RPG mechanics.

Please note: The game is playable, but not finished!

Some big features coming soon include:

  • Gameplay improvements
  • Towns
  • NPCs
  • Quests
  • An upgrade system

Kiwi: A New Adventure is our entry for "A Game by Its Cover 2017", a gamejam that uses a single Famicase as inspiration. This one was ours!

Controls (For the best experience please play using a gamepad):

  • Dpad / WASD : move
  • A button / "K": jump
  • B button / "L": vacuum blaster
  • Start / "Enter": open inventory menu

Kiwii was made by:

More information

Published 21 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsSTK, Sarah O
Tags8-bit, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, famicom, NES, shmup


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Wow if this game would be slightly longer and through the jetpack controls not that of a pain in the ass I would buy it. The graphics are neat and everything respones but really the jetpack controls make my hand hurt and make it harder as it would be (played with controller). Maybe let it with a conroller up activade and the normal thumper for the direction maybe even use the backtrigger because it can apply to such a skaly but this ...no

This is pretty well done! The graphics are great, the music is really nice too. The people you got to talk to near the beginning were fun. Exploring was fun too, although after a point it was like "ANOTHER room?". (And, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but in the very beginning it took me a while to figure out that I had to jump into the...teleporter, I guess?)

I'll have to echo what everyone is saying about the jetpack; you have to jump twice with one hand, then control your movement with the other hand. So you are sort of mentally switching between states, and it's a bit confusing...Especially when you accidentally land on a platform and you realize that moving WASD is not making you fly around any more! I guess the point I'm getting that is that there are two modes of movement that you switch between, and it's hard to keep track of that. And on top of that, the weapon is kind of nonstandard and tricky to operate...which is not necessarily bad, but...

Anyway, you obviously did a lot of work already, I think it could become something pretty special if you polish it some more!

Fun little concept here and the music is jammin'! I agree with folks about the jetpack controls. My strategy was to just never actually land. Accidentally pressing jump making one fall got me sometimes. I think I'd just like to press up to leave the ground on my jetpack, no  jump distinction.

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The graphics music and game are great! The jetpack is hard to understand / control. Maybe Just have the jetpack boost you up when holding jump button, fall when not holding it? (and no jump) Might be easier to control, pressing twice and moving the dpad is a lot of brain work, I agree, willingness to continue playing is hampered by fighting with controls. Nice job!

I loved the game's concept , art and music. The core mechanics are fun, but the jetpack being so hard to control makes fighting against foes a tad frustrating, and most of the time I felt the real enemy was the insane jetpack acceleration speed. The game has a lot of potential, so I hope you guys keep working on improving it. For the time being, this is a very nice addition to the jam. Nice work!

Game not start, Google Chrome and Opera

Pretty nice! :) the vacuum cleaner is a really interesting weapon, I just had a bad time trying to understand the jet system but this is a really fun game to play.