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cute game!!

If the controls got tighter, less slipperiness when walking or enemy knock-back being less harsh then this would be great. The controls to suck and shoot are janky and I would notice my shots would release even when I didn't press the button, overall I love the vacuum mechanic, but the game is hard on the wrist. Great concept!
Bad issues when enganging bosses and enemies.
*Also some more invincible frames would save this ALOT!*

how to pla


The music is amazing

The art and ideas are good, the music is GREAT and very very catchy. But it lacks to be clearer, a more fixed goal or at least less rodeo regarding the gameplay, it's confusing at the beginning and it costs a little bit to catch the vacuum mechanics. In everything else, good job!

Very fun game and neat weapon choice. Can't progress past the boss in Emboreal though, doesn't have a pathway to the right and the jetpack can't make it back to the door outside so I'm softlocked in the underground.

Would be nice if it has a download version. Very cute game

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I have a 144hz monitor and the game runs way too fast. So do the other games linked have similar problems.

I suspect some of the people complaining about it being “impossible” might be running into the same problem but not realizing this is the issue.


This game is physically impossible

is my screen the only screen cutoff

I  n e e d   t h e   m u s i c

fun to play, nice art nice musik, control need a bit of time to get used to. a bit slow on my computer(opera browser) a windows built will be maybe a good option:)

Nice art, but the controls are overly difficult. 

Very fun to play!


I love this - but could you please make the jet pack activated by pressing jump again while in the air, it's a convention.  I wanted to keep playing  Otherwise this is super original and appealing, and thank you for making PixelBox!


Man! The music and the game are really good and lovely <3

Do you have an ETA on the finished game? Would love to take a crack at this for a speedrun

Now I want an actual cartridge.

Really fun game.  A vacuum cleaner is an interesting weapon choice, and it was  well executed. I really don't know what everyone is talking about. The jet pack was super easy to control for me, but maybe I'm just weird. :-0

This is a cool game! 

For the jet pack, I actually didn't have too much trouble as other people did once I got used to it. But I think having it accessible without having to jump (pressing up on the ground lifts you in the air while activating the jet pack) or just pressing jump twice to activate it might make it easier for others. 

For  the jump itself, I think adding a bit of hang time while she's in the air would make it feel a lot better. right now it seems really award since she starts to fall immediately after she stops rising. The height doesn't need to change, but adding a bit of a delay before she starts falling would make jumping feel a lot better. 

Also, I think when you go back too the ship, it should put you in the warp pod or whatever it is that the player warps from. As it is now, you always have to go back to the room with the warp pod in it even when you just make a mistake on which planet you want to go to so it can get a bit annoying after a while.

 Great job on everything so far, keep it up! :D

Wow if this game would be slightly longer and through the jetpack controls not that of a pain in the ass I would buy it. The graphics are neat and everything respones but really the jetpack controls make my hand hurt and make it harder as it would be (played with controller). Maybe let it with a conroller up activade and the normal thumper for the direction maybe even use the backtrigger because it can apply to such a skaly but this

This is pretty well done! The graphics are great, the music is really nice too. The people you got to talk to near the beginning were fun. Exploring was fun too, although after a point it was like "ANOTHER room?". (And, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but in the very beginning it took me a while to figure out that I had to jump into the...teleporter, I guess?)

I'll have to echo what everyone is saying about the jetpack; you have to jump twice with one hand, then control your movement with the other hand. So you are sort of mentally switching between states, and it's a bit confusing...Especially when you accidentally land on a platform and you realize that moving WASD is not making you fly around any more! I guess the point I'm getting that is that there are two modes of movement that you switch between, and it's hard to keep track of that. And on top of that, the weapon is kind of nonstandard and tricky to operate...which is not necessarily bad, but...

Anyway, you obviously did a lot of work already, I think it could become something pretty special if you polish it some more!

Fun little concept here and the music is jammin'! I agree with folks about the jetpack controls. My strategy was to just never actually land. Accidentally pressing jump making one fall got me sometimes. I think I'd just like to press up to leave the ground on my jetpack, no  jump distinction.

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The graphics music and game are great! The jetpack is hard to understand / control. Maybe Just have the jetpack boost you up when holding jump button, fall when not holding it? (and no jump) Might be easier to control, pressing twice and moving the dpad is a lot of brain work, I agree, willingness to continue playing is hampered by fighting with controls. Nice job!

I loved the game's concept , art and music. The core mechanics are fun, but the jetpack being so hard to control makes fighting against foes a tad frustrating, and most of the time I felt the real enemy was the insane jetpack acceleration speed. The game has a lot of potential, so I hope you guys keep working on improving it. For the time being, this is a very nice addition to the jam. Nice work!

Game not start, Google Chrome and Opera

Pretty nice! :) the vacuum cleaner is a really interesting weapon, I just had a bad time trying to understand the jet system but this is a really fun game to play.