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this was so fun to use, thank you for this app:)

 I made something I really like :)

This is a really fun tool! I'd love if it there were a way to quickly recolour notes I've already placed, but apart from that, the UX is great.

Hey, pretty cool tool but just one doubt: what does the G R O O V E buttons do?


It increases the swing of the song.

its now having bugs
i was using this for a while, but after 6 months, im using this... there are some bugs...

1) the insts are messsed up.
like, last time i used yoshi.

this time when i opened up mario (default), it just plays yoshi. i need to change it a certain time to get mario paint back

2) i cant play the song!! play button is glitchy.

that's all

but as far as i used it before... its one of the great tools ive ever used. i just said this to say these bugs. i guess it was something after an update or smt

right click the view all from (user) then press inspect, then get rid of the code that is highlighted.

This is pretty awesome. The UI is beautiful and intuitive. I tried a bunch of these simple music tools and this is the only one that really invited me to start creating something.

I wish I had copy-paste though, is there?


You do have copy-paste but there is a bug where you cant use the keyboard at all and you need to refresh the page.


Can you add the function of importing the MIDI file?


man I wish I could use it in my desktop-not-browser :')

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Can you make it for windows, mac, and Linux

I love this lil sequencer so much! It's so intuitive, sounds fantastic, and is just adorable to use -- thank you for making a great and beautiful tool!

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This tool is amazing. The design and concept are perfect. If you added the option to use it offline, and perhaps to add custom instrument packages, people would go insane with it.

Edit: Nevermind, I see that you already posted an instrument editor for this... I'll have to dig deeper!


Very cool but a downloadable version would be very pog

If you use the Itch app, you can download website-based things for offline use. Not sure why it isn’t an option in the Itch website.

Didnt know that, thanks :)

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This is perfect ! I love it :D

Would be nice if we could save the "file" of the song to continue to edit it another time/on another pc or some, idk if it's already possible.

Thanks :)

this  is so pog


Here is a song I made with this :)


Not bad; sounds like Titlescreen Music to me.


Thank you :) I love simple tools like this where even I, with my very limited knowledge in that area, can create something interesting.


Welcome, and same here; I know very little about making music, so I understand where you're coming from.

Wow! Great tool! A little bit small viewport and browser only. But the sounds are great and fun to work with. Thanks!


would it be possible an offline version?

when i export it to mp3 it wont download

To be honest, I agree with Pizzabox2006. An f-zero instrument would be pretty dope.

F- Zero please snes


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how do select notes

(my mouse doesn't work)

well, you gotta use right click and drag.


This is fantastic! I absolutely love it. I do wish there was an executable version with fullscreen for easy of use, but it really is great.


i think all this needs is to have a fullscreen option. mighty fine tool though!


And when you make it a Linux-available executable (as suggested by Teafan), will you reveal the format the instrument sets are in?

I'd love to import some others.
(MOTHER 3 has the most realistic sax, trumpet, and electric guitar I have ever heard in a 16-bit game)

this might easily be my favorite easy song maker out there 

incredibly versatile, easy to pick up and use, customizability off the charts, just got everything completely right

if you plan on making this into an executable that would be great! it would be a pretty useful tool

also could you maybe make it so that you can export your song as a midi?


Are You ever planning to make this an Executable and release it on Linux? 

I'd love to use this tool offline

i have been serching for over 5 months for the a easy to learn music program to make music for my game, thank you so much for making this

This is so amazing!

Are you planning to port it to other platform like desktop or mobile app?

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