Pixelbox 2.0.0: A game-development tool for 2D game in JavaScript

Pixelbox 2.0 is officially out.

Create 2D in JavaScript without the hurdle of HTML5 development.


pixelbox Setup 2.0.0.exe 54 MB
Version 2.0.0 Apr 12, 2020
pixelbox-2.0.0.dmg 68 MB
Version 2.0.0 Apr 12, 2020

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Have a cool release!

Hello I launched a project, I chose a sprite, then the color tool, but nothing is drawn on the map. Even the region selection tool doesn't work.

when i make a new project nothing happend its just sits ther i cant even press cancel do u know what to do?

32-bit please

please pwp

Is there any sort of tutorial or starter game you can walkthrough that we can use to learn how to use this tool?

I am unable to create a new project help!


I would like the 32-bit version to be included in the following updates, please.🙏

until a linux build gets officially released, i put a 64 bit linux build up on github if ur too lazy to extract the source and build it urself https://github.com/haonkrub/pixelbox_linux_build

I get this:

./pixelbox: line 1: version: command not found
./pixelbox: line 2: oid: command not found
size: '116377064': No such file


you have to install git lfs and git clone it, otherwise the files wont extract properly. I updated the readme to show that.

sudo apt install git git-lfs
git lfs install
git clone https://github.com/haonkrub/pixelbox_linux_build.git

It works, thank you!

I am also interested in a build for Linux


Can you provide a 32 bit windows version, my desktop works 100% so no need to consign it to landfill just yet.

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can you provide a linux build? I tested briefly, copying the source after installing in wine and building it with electron-packager and it looks like it should work fine

Yes, would it be possible to have it on Linux?


i would really love to give this a go! but my computer has issues executing setup .exe's. i would really appreciate it if there was a .zip file available!

Sounds promising! Have you thought of making a web version of it?

This seem's good.. but is this a virus? IS IT?

Not sure if you were joking or not, but the answer is no.

Ok good i was just checking, And i was the first comment on this to.