This is the tool I developed and use to create instruments for Petaporon.

UI is a bit janky (sorry for that, I didn't plan to release this originally).

- Import samples (wav, mp3 or sf2)
- Adjust start, end and loop points of samples
- Assign samples to whole keyboard or individual sections.
- Modify instrument parameters (envelope, volume, tuning, LFO)
- Export as a zip file, ready to drop in Petaporon.
- MIDI support to test instruments (require webMIDI enabled on your browser)

Keyboard shortcuts:
 <SPACE BAR> assign sample to current note
 <DELETE> deassign current note

I made the code open-source on GitLab.

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AuthorCedric Stoquer
TagsMusic, Open Source, petaporon, sound


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Hey Cedric? there´s a problem that when i try to drop the .zip file in petaporon, the vocals have a sound that plays then the actual sound plays. it sounds fine in Po. idk how to describe it. kinda sounds like a hiccup i guess? basically vocals sound like a hiccup.

I’m not sure to understand the problem. Did you have some very long samples in your program?

no, they were less than a second long. Samples that were closer to the top of the keyboard werent affected, though.

very good

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wow. Have not opened this, BUT I AM VERY EXCITED!


Hey this is really cool, what programming language are you using?

Thanks. This is programmed in JavaScript, using Pixelbox.

For those interested, I made the code open-source.

I greatly enjoyed using Petaporon, felt it was really intuitive.

Could you provide all the keyboard controls in the description? 

When I upload more than one sample, I can't hear any samples after the first one I upload. Is there a bug, or am I missing something?


There was a bug. It is now fixed. Thanks for reporting