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Pata Tracker is a simplified music tracker to compose chiptune.


  • 8 channels
  • Several synthesizers to choose from: classic digital oscillators including pulse, triangle, noise, sawtooth & wavetable (think: NES, GameBoy), 4 operators FM synthesis (think: MasterSystem, AdLib), sampler (think: SNES)
  • 4 effects routing (reverb, delay)
  • exports to WAV or MP3
  • Piano-roll


Online guide: link


SpacebarStart/stop playback
EscapeOpen main menu
TabSwitch between sequence and pattern editors
Shift TabOpen piano roll editor
{Octave down
}Octave Up
-Transpose down (hold shift for octave)
+Transpose up (hold shift for octave)
~Add a "note end" event
Shift <Add sequence before
Shift >Add sequence after
DeleteDelete cell
Shift DeleteDelete sequence column
LSet loop point (in sequence editor)

enter notes with a the computer's keyboard:


0xyArpeggiox=second note, y=third note
TxyTremolo (pitch LFO)x=speed, y=amplitude
VxyVibrato (volume LFO)x=speed, y=amplitude
IvvTimbre / Duty cyclevv=timbre value
LvvLegatovv=duration (smaller is faster)
UxySlide upx=duration, y=pitch
DxySlide downx=duration, y=pitch
KvvKill notevv=delay
SvvSend to effectvv=effect (0 for main output)
PxyPanoramicx=volume left, y=volume right

PataTracker is the official music creation tool for Pixelbox


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patatracker-1.5.2.AppImage 67 MB
Version 1.5.2
pata-tracker-bonus-songs.zip 8 kB
Version 2
patatracker-1.5.2.dmg 59 MB
Version 1.5.2
patatracker Setup 1.5.2.exe 42 MB
Version 1.5.2

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